A true Bellingham Bourbon, made entirely from locally sourced corn, wheat, rye, and barley and aged in charred American White Oak barrels.

No question about it – bourbon is a tough spirit to bring to market for a relatively new craft distillery. By its very nature, it requires time to allow it to age properly. Many distilleries attempt to get around this by purchasing pre-aged bourbon in barrels from out of state, which they then bottle and bring to market under their own label. The other alternative is to bite the bullet and do it from the ground up – sourcing and mashing grains, fermenting and distilling on site, then putting it in barrels… and waiting patiently for it to mature. You can guess which route we took.

CBD Bourbon is proud to call itself a true representation of this quintessential American spirit, made in our customary “slow crafted” fashion. We source the corn, wheat, rye, and barley from nearby farmers – within just 30 miles of our distillery, in fact – and grind them all right here on site. We mash and ferment the ingredients in small batches before transferring them into our 150 gallon pot still, for distillation. Once at proof, we place the hearts of the resulting distillate into charred American White Oak barrels. And then we wait. Fortunately, all that waiting is worth it. The result is a highly nuanced bourbon that’s a bit less sweet than some others, complex with a touch of rye character, and a bit higher in alcohol percentage (96 proof).

Chuckanut Bay Distillery Bourbon took the silver medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

We hope you enjoy it.

Visit our tasting room to sample or purchase our bourbon, or our Spirit Locator to find it at a store or restaurant near you.

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Yep, fall is in the air. And to usher in the new season, we’re featuring a complimentary “fall themed” tasting cocktail at the distillery this Friday and Saturday (9/9 and 9/10) between 11am and 5pm. We call it Bourbon Maple Deliciousness, and it’s made from CBD Bourbon, real maple syrup, lemon juice, orange juice, a dash of bitters with sparkling water – pretty much autumn in a glass.

That’s right – after winning the Gold Medal at the MicroLiquor Awards and the Silver Medal at the San Francisco International Spirit Awards, we just received word that CBD Bourbon took the Silver Medal at the prestigious New York World Wine & Spirits Awards. Quite a 2016 for Bellingham’s only grain-to-glass bourbon!

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