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Chuckanut Bay Distillery “Green Man’s Dram” Hops Schnapps

Green Man’s Dram is a hop lover’s ambrosia – a hops schnapps comprised of distilled malted barley and three varieties of Washington-grown hops.

Imagine the craft brewed IPA we all love so much here in the Pacific Northwest all grown up – that’d be the Green Man’s Dram. Green Man’s Dram is essentially the distilled spirit counterpart of the beer world’s India Pale Ale, comprised of malted barley and three types of Washington hops. We made it in true slow-crafting style, using a multi-stage process to create a complex and characterful spirit.

When you drink your dram, you’ll note aromas of citrus and tropical fruits and clean malt flavors with a finishing hoppy bitterness. And how do you drink your Green Man’s Dram? While we like to sip it straight, it can also be used wherever you would use gin – think Hop Collins, Hop-Tini, Hop and Tonic, etc. Perhaps most fun, though, is dropping a shot of Green Man’s Dram into your pint of craft beer for a little extra oomph, something we call the “hop drop.”

Visit our tasting room to sample or purchase Green Man’s Dram, or our Spirit Locator to find it at a store or restaurant near you.

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