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Chuckanut Bay Distillery “Old Busker” Coffee Liqueur

Destined to become a Bellingham classic, Old Busker is simply the finest coffee liqueur available. Locally roasted coffee meets craft distilled spirits.

Here in Bellingham, we like our coffee. And not just any old cup of joe fits the bill – we like the good stuff. So it stands to reason that we’d look for something more refined when it comes to a coffee liqueur.

Enter Old Busker – Chuckanut Bay Distillery’s take on the age-old coffee liqueur. Authentic from top to bottom, Old Busker is made from locally roasted and brewed coffee from Arabica beans (thanks, Woods Coffee!), real cane sugar, whole vanilla beans, and of course, Chuckanut Bay Distillery’s own slow-crafted spirits.

There are more ways to drink Old Busker than we can count, and great bartenders are coming up with more every day. Enjoy it straight, on ice, in your coffee or hot chocolate, on the rocks with cream, on ice cream… the list goes on. Click here to read more about the origins of Old Busker Coffee Liqueur.

Old Busker Coffee Liqueur won the gold medal at the 2016 Seattle International Spirits Awards, and took the silver medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Visit our tasting room to sample or purchase Old Busker, or our Spirit Locator to find it at a store or restaurant near you.

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