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Chuckanut Bay Distillery Potato Gin

Our premium Potato Gin, slow-crafted from whole Yukon Golds grown in Skagit Valley, features a bold, bright botanical ensemble to complement the full mouth-feel yielded by the potatoes. Gluten free.

Yes, you heard us right – potato gin. It’s a rare animal, the potato gin, with very few produced in the world. But it’s a natural pairing, as we’re of the opinion that the smooth, full mouth-feel that comes along with potato-based spirit is particularly well suited for gin. In terms of botanicals, our potato gin is more assertive than our traditional grain-based gin, with bright, bold flavors sure to delight you. Chuckanut Bay Distillery Potato Gin makes a lovely martini, and is also well suited to mixing in gin-based cocktails. No grains, and therefore, no gluten in this gin.

Chuckanut Bay Distillery Potato Gin won the bronze medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Visit our tasting room to sample or purchase our potato gin, or our Spirit Locator to find it at a store or restaurant near you.

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