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Chuckanut Bay Distillery Potato Vodka

A premium potato vodka made from whole Skagit Valley Yukon Gold potatoes –  smooth and highly sippable for the most discerning of palates. Gluten free.

There aren’t a whole lot of potato vodkas in the world – and for good reason. Potato vodka isn’t easy to make. In fact, it’s downright difficult. And if you’re committed to making potato vodka out of fresh, whole potatoes instead of from potato flakes as other distilleries sometimes do, well then you’re really in for a project. Fortunately, we don’t mind a project.

Our potato vodka was the very first product we ever introduced here at Chuckanut Bay Distillery. Matt trucked freshly picked Yukon Gold potatoes up from Skagit Valley, considered one of the finest growing regions for premium potatoes in the world. We didn’t have an electric grinder at that time, nor could we afford one. So Matt connected a bicycle frame to Kelly’s old apple grinder and proceeded to grind down over 13,000 pounds of potatoes. We’ve since retired the bicycle grinder (much to Matt’s relief), but you can see it if you come visit our tasting room hanging as a decorative fixture from the ceiling.

Chuckanut Bay Distillery Potato Vodka was one of only two vodkas in the world to win the New York International Spirits Competition’s Double Gold Medal in 2013. It also won a gold medal and “exceptional” classification from the prestigious Beverage Tasting Institute with a score of 92 out of 100. Tasting notes were as follows: “Clear color. Toasty aromas of nougat and raisin bread with a supple, crisp, dryish light-to-mediumbody and a tingling, interesting, long mocha cream, ground nuts, spiced fig, and minerals finish. A zesty fruit nuanced vodka that will mix brilliantly.”

Visit our tasting room to sample or purchase our potato vodka, or our Spirit Locator to find it at a store or restaurant near you.

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Perhaps you’ve heard about the spate of recent lawsuits in the craft spirits industry. It turns out that some well-known craft vodka brands which purport to be “handmade” have been less than forthcoming about the actual origins of their spirits.

As with gin, it is common practice for vodka distillers (both craft and big names alike) to purchase industrially produced grain neutral spirit – high octane ethanol of the same type used for fuel – as the foundation of their product. And good luck parsing the label to determine which distilleries engage in this practice and which don’t; as the law currently stands, egregious shortcuts can be taken by craft distillers without alerting the consuming public.

At Chuckanut Bay Distillery, we don’t engage in this practice. As a result, the amount of vodka we’re able to make is just a fraction of what would be possible if we were to purchase grain neutral spirits by the pallet.

So how do WE make vodka? We make two kinds of vodka here at Chuckanut Bay Distillery – a Potato Vodka made from Skagit Valley grown Yukon Gold potatoes,  and a Wheat Vodka made from Whatcom County grown winter wheat. We work with local farmers to bring these agricultural products into the distillery at the optimal time, we grind, mash, and ferment them, then we distill the resultant liquid as many times as is necessary to achieve the ideal result. We don’t add sugars, or glycerin, or anything else to cover up deficiencies in our process.

As noted previously, we’re not able to make all that much vodka in light of our old-world methods. And there’s certainly cheaper vodka available. But for folks who care about quality (not to mention knowing the origins of what they put in their bodies), the vodka we do make represents an extraordinary value.


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